Plant a tree!

In 2009 MPC has initiated an action aimed to reducing the deforestation negative effect in Piatra Craiului National Park. The initiative was supported from the beginning by the Piatra Craiului National Park Administration, the Association of Ecotourism in Romania and WWF Romania. A part from the registration fee is directed to the purchase of seedlings, planting materials and training. Anybody, participants in the marathon or not may be involved in cleaning the areas, transporting seedlings, planting and subsequent actions. With your support we can do more!

We cleaned a new area and we completed with new trees those who were not caught. A new terrain has been prepared for planting.


We've planted 3,000 spruce seedlings on the eastern slope of Piatra Craiului, Lespezi area. The planting took place in April 2010 in several consecutive days. Participants: Ana Clinciu, Robert Benga, Laura Florescu Dana Ciocic, Andreea Dan, Pepi Tilea, Ciprian Lolu, Cosmin Dan, Ionut Cretu, Adi Ciurea, Laviniu Terciu, Catalin Colţea, Bogdan Florescu, Dan Spulber, Bogdan Sulica, Lucian Clinciu.